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Connect people with ideas.
Build value for your business.

We craft digital experiences that reach through the noise and get your audience to know, trust, and love your brand.

Here's how:

Strategic Content

Effective content provides value to both business and thier customers. We create content that focuses on solving clear and specific problems. Fishermen cast wide nets, hoping that something works. Snipers identify and isolate the real target…then take it down.

Engineered Experiences

The best experiences educate, engage and entertain the audience. We design for real people and real situations. Animation, training simulations, and interactive product demos are our bread and butter.

Streamlined Execution

With a battle tested process, and in-house talent, we are a flexible partner when it comes to project execution. By breaking down projects into logical phases, we're able to attach our expertise to any size project or production pipeline.

“StoryBox’s approach and creative process were eerily precise. They helped us change how people behaved and approached safety in the workplace.”

International Oil and Gas Executive

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